In preparing for full scale production of a rare earths refining facility at Nolan’s Bore in the Northern Territory, Arafura Resources Limited (Arafura) contracted Jacobs to construct and operate two demonstration plants to prove the refining process.

ECM was contracted to construct both of the plants; one located in Balcatta WA and the other located at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology (ANSTO) facility at Lucas Heights in Sydney, NSW.
The refining process was spilt into two stages. The first stage of the process required input of bulk ore from Nolan’s Bore mine for processing at the Balcatta plant. Upon completion the processed ore was transferred to the second plant at the ANSTO facility for the refining process.

Arafura completed the demonstration plants and successfully proved their refining process in preparation for a full scale project.

Scope of Work

  • Design detailing, fabrication and installation of structural steel, handrails and grating.
  • Design detailing supply and installation of process piping.
  • Supply and installation of vessels, agitators, pumps, motors, hoists etc.
  • Supply, calibration and installation of process instrumentation, control valves etc.
  • Supply and installation of Motor Control Centres (MCCs).
  • Supply, installation and termination of LV, control and instrumentation cabling.
  • Inspection, testing and commissioning of the facility.
  • Client: Arafura Resources
  • Location: WA and NSW
  • Dates: Jun 2011 – Dec 2011
  • Value: 6.7 million
  • Hours: 30,700