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  • IHI Engineering Australia
  • Collie, WA
  • Dec 2007 – Oct 2009
  • 18 million
  • 120,000

Project Overview

Bluewaters Power Station is located approximately 4.5km north east of Collie in Western Australia and is one of the state’s largest-scale coal fired power stations, with a total output of 416MW. The project was developed by Griffin Coal to increase coal production to feed the Collie Power Station, which produced approximately 45% of the state’s base load power.

Bluewater Power Station is critical to the state’s energy and accounts for approximately 10% of Western Australia’s power supply. The power station uses a high efficiency combustion process and employs emission control technology to reduce its greenhouse effects.

Japan’s IHI Corporation engaged ECM to undertake the electrical and instrumentation installation works for the steam turbine generator, Balance of Plant (BOP) and the supply conveyors for the coal power station. ECM’s scope also included the supply and installation of the underground HV conduit and pits for the coal stockyard and feed conveyors. ECM assisted IHI in the design of the installation methods to Australian Standards and procurement of materials management and handling.

Scope of Work

  • Provision and manufacture of all cable ladder, cable support brackets and conduit.
  • Installation of instrumentation tubing and control equipment, LV, MV, HV cables (including termination), transformers and MCCs.
  • Testing and commissioning of materials installed for the steam turbine generator and BOP.
  • Hazardous installations.
  • Installing earthing and lighting protection systems.